Nordic Horn

Home of the largest herd of red cashmere goats

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Cashmere is popular and growing!


For centuries Scandinavians used hand-crafted musical horns to call their goats to them. Our name reflects the values we hold in keeping livestock naturally and according to these traditions.

From the moment we learned of “the red cashmere goat” we knew this was something special, and something rare. Building our herd was no small task. We traveled a combined 10,000 miles to purchase the finest quality cashmere goats in the country.

In 2017 we had the opportunity to purchase Foxmoor Farm’s herd of red cashmere goats. This was our greatest pleasure, as this line of goats had been methodically bred since 1991. With their herd came years of knowledge and records that we are able to pass on to future red cashmere goat enthusiasts.

Fiber artists are drooling over our products, and having fun adding goats to their fiber flocks!

Our focus is the American Cashmere breed. We are very pleased with the results from our 2021 breedings with New Zealand Cashmere genetics. While the U.S. cashmere industry faltered in the 90s, the New Zealand and Australian lines kept improving and monitoring for high yield. Because our lines originated from these countries we are thrilled to bring these genetics back into the herd.

We also raise unregistered Kiko goats. These goats do not produce cashmere but are exceptional for vegetation management and as pets. Most goats in this herd have a grandparent or parent that is 100% New Zealand Kiko or purebred Kiko. We occasionally have females for sale from this herd. Bucks and wethers are available. It is best to contact us with what you are looking for because we rarely put all available goats of this breed on our website.