Nordic Horn

Home of the largest herd of red cashmere goats

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Goat , Kiko , Doe (female) |Cream

DOB: 3/20/2021 (2 yrs)

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Snurp is kiko breeding stock from a commercial herd, microchipped and trained to electric net fencing. She is open and can be bred. She has never been exposed to a buck and has had no offspring, but we have no reason to believe she is not fertile.

Our kikos are low management and hardy, with perfect records of birthing and mothering. They are reasonably tame and calm, but they were not hand raised (bottle fed) and so they will not follow you around like a dog. They will come to treats. Kiko does weigh an average of 110 pounds, and are a larger breed of goat. Perfect for brush control, breeding, and homesteading.

Our goats are raised on silvopasture with low management using portable electric net fencing. We vaccinate for Clostridium perfringens type C and D (overeating disease) and Clostridium tetani (tetanus). All health records are recorded and shared with buyer. Buyers also have a copy of our written herd health plan which outlines timing and management practices. All goats come microchipped with a scrapie-approved (840) microchip in their left ear. This replaces the need for plastic/metal tags and ear tattoos and can be used in registries and for interstate transport.

Updated 4/22/2023